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AAA Digital TourBook®

How to Use?

Member Service Questions

What is a AAA Digital TourBook?

AAA Digital TourBooks is an online travel guide. This online guide has the same trusted information as the printed TourBooks, which have been used for generations, but is now in a digital, convenient, and easy-to-use format.

What does the AAA Digital TourBook contain?

This online travel guide contains travel information such as features hotels, restaurants, things to do, events, nightlife, shopping, recreation, sports, arts, family and kid travel, and must-see places.

Where do I find the AAA Digital TourBooks?

You can access all AAA Digital TourBook guides at

Do I have to be a AAA member to access the AAA Digital TourBooks?

No, the online guidebooks are available to everyone, whether or not you’re a AAA member. However, only AAA members can take advantage of the member benefits and hotel savings offered within the guides.

Can I print pages within a AAA Digital TourBook?

Yes, all pages are printable using your browser or PDF viewer software.  We recommend you download the AAA Digital TourBook first prior to printing.

To download a TourBook: Open the TourBook and click the down arrow in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. In the upper right-hand corner you can print specific pages or save direct to your desktop.

Can I find AAA office locations in the AAA Digital TourBooks?

Yes, the AAA Digital TourBooks include a link in the Table of Contents to find AAA office locations.

Is there a AAA Digital TourBook for every state?

Yes, all of the states are represented in the 35 TourBook titles; in addition, Caribbean, Mexico and Canada are represented in these titles. Visit to see all of the available TourBooks.

Are the Europe, Mexico and Caribbean guides available in digital format?

The Mexico and Caribbean guides are available in digital format, but there is currently no digital guide for Europe. For travel information about international destinations, visit

Can I get other international destinations in the AAA Digital TourBook format?

Not at this time, but you can search destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and more at

Do the AAA Digital TourBooks offer information about national parks, attractions and other things to do?

Yes, the digital guidebooks include all of this helpful information.

Do the guides list small hotels and independent properties or just the major hotel chains?

All properties that have earned the AAA Diamond designation are listed in the AAA Digital TourBooks.

How do I modify or cancel a hotel reservation made through the AAA Digital TourBook?

Follow the instructions in your confirmation email to modify or cancel a hotel reservation made through the AAA Digital TourBook.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with a reservation made through the AAA Digital TourBook?

Use the contact information provided in your confirmation email for help with hotel reservations.

Are campgrounds included in the AAA Digital TourBook?

No, but you can search campgrounds online at

Technical Questions

Which internet browser is best for viewing the AAA Digital TourBooks – Chrome or Internet Explorer?

Chrome is the preferred internet browser for the AAA Digital TourBooks.

How do I access the AAA Digital TourBooks if I’m on the road and don’t have internet connection?

If you think internet connection will be an issue while you’re on the road, we recommend downloading the AAA Digital TourBooks you’ll need in advance of your trip. That way you’ll have access to the books even if you lose internet connection.

Can I download the AAA Digital TourBooks onto a Kindle or Nook device?

If your Kindle or Nook device is connected to the internet, you’ll be able to view the AAA Digital TourBooks, but you cannot download the digital books to these devices at this time.

Can I access the AAA Digital TourBooks through the AAA mobile app?

Not currently, but you can access the digital TourBooks via your internet browser on a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. Visit to see all available titles.

Within the AAA Digital TourBook, is there a button or link that will take me to the Table of Contents?

Yes, just click on the menu in the upper left corner of the screen to jump to the Table of Contents and other sections. There is also a slider at the bottom you can use to jump to any page within the digital guide.

Can I search within the AAA Digital TourBook?

Yes. Select the magnifying glass icon in the lower right-hand corner to search for any keyword within the book.

Is there a way to bookmark a specific page or series of pages?

Yes, each page of the AAA Digital TourBook has a unique web address, so you can use your internet browser to bookmark any location within the book.

Is there an index showing all the attractions within the book (museums, sports, parks, etc.)?

In the Table of Contents, each City Listing  (i.e., Orlando) has a link to the Attractions.

How do I quickly get to a city within the book?

From the Table of Contents page, select the name of any city to jump to its page or simply type the name of the city in the search option.

Who do I contact if I experience a technical issue?

For assistance with a technical issue not covered here, visit or email